Dublinia - Things to do in Dublin

Catching up with the Vikings in Dublin

Dublin is a Viking town.  Or was a Viking town at least.  It’s an impressive history that dates back over a thousand years and involves Viking settlers (or marauders depending on whom you ask) and Irish heroes (or villains, depending on whom you ask).

Dublinia - Things to do in Dublin


Dublinia, the Viking and Medieval museum in Dublin explains this very history.  Despite my love of nearly all things Scandinavian, I did not set out to visit Dublinia.  In fact, I set out to visit Christ Church Cathedral and a mummified cat and rat.  Lucky for me, the two are connected by a foot bridge and a combined ticket price.  Just 11 EUR for adults and 8.50 EUR for students.

I’m a sucker for Vikings and thought it just as well to check out both.  And I did.  And quickly realized that, while an impressive museum in its own right, much of the museum was geared towards a younger audience.  And I’m getting old.  Had I been about 12 or a little younger, this would have been right up my alley.

The museum has quite a few different exhibitions focusing on everything from the history of the Viking Age to the archeology of it.  There are even a few people wandering around in period clothing.  And, to top it all off, there is a medieval game room.  I’ll be honest; this was the part that, despite my earlier complaint about getting old, kept my attention the longest.

Mummified cat & rat at Christ Church Cathedral

As I mentioned, it sometimes seems like it is catering to children rather than adults, but all in all, Dublinia offers a really good overview of the history of the Vikings in Dublin.  If you have kids and are planning a trip to the Irish capital, Dublinia would be a great thing to do in Dublin.  You can admire the architecture of Christ Church Cathedral as the kids marvel at the mummified cat and rat, then head over to Dublinia and enjoy the medieval game room and the Viking past of Ireland.

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