Copenhagen Canal Cruise: A Photo & Video Tour

When I was in Copenhagen in early November 2010 I went on a canal cruise, the one hour DFDS Guided Tour courtesy of Visit Copenhagen. It was a sunny but cold morning but I was prepared for that with my double trousers, thick fleece and hat. With all my warm garb, I was able to stay out at the front of the boat while many other passengers sought shelter in the covered, heated middle section of the boat.

Copenhagen Canal Cruise

Nyhavn, where I joined the Copenhagen Canal Cruise


Cruising down Nyhavn

The spire (to left of photo) made of dragon’s tails at the Old Stock Exchange

Copenhagen Canal Cruise

You can just make out the stained glass construction on the quayside

Copenhagen Canal Cruise

Back on terra firma in Nyhavn

I think that a Copenhagen Canal Cruise is a great way to see the city.

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