10 of the Best Hotels in Palma de Mallorca

If you’re headed for the Spanish island of Mallorca, you might be looking at a resort stay outside the city, but don’t discount staying in a hotel in Palma de Mallorca, the island’s capital, as a base for your holiday. With a population of around half a million, it’s certainly not an overwhelming city and there are plenty of advantages to staying there.

Palma’s Cathedral by kafeole

Finding a the best hotel in Palma de Mallorca is a matter of juggling your budget and how close to the city centre you want to stay – perhaps depending on how much sightseeing you plan to do, and whether you want to spend a day or two by the pool or at the beach as well.

We’ve put together our pick of Palma de Mallorca hotels for all budgets. Our top ten hotels receive a minimum of 80% in verified guest reviews (guests actually stayed there) and prices quoted  are for a double room on a weekday night in May 2011 – although you need to plan ahead for some of these hotels as they can fill up quickly.

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Palma de Mallorca budget hotels

The Augusta Apartments (£55) have a huge 97% rating from 94 guest reviews. They form a fairly basic hotel but for the price, it sounds like everyone’s very satisfied. It’s at the top of a hill so keep that in mind if you’re not particularly fit or good at climbing! The swimming pool is particularly popular.

The Palacio Avenida (£70) has an 87% rating from 81 guest reviews. Not a perfect hotel but again, good for the price, the UR Palacio Avenida is right next to the main bus stop to the airport and very close to the city centre, and still walking distance from the sea. Rooms might be a little small and the service can be patchy but it sounds like a case of you get what you pay for, so if you’re looking for a budget price but close to the city this is a good pick.

The Hotel Armadams (£85) gets an 87% rating from 73 reviews. Every budget hotel probably has some down side and this one is relatively far from the city centre – almost a half-hour walk – so you probably need to use a bus or taxi if you want to do some sightseeing in Palma. However, there are restaurants and bars nearby, and the hotel is clean and neat and includes a pool – again, good value for the price.

Palma de Mallorca mid-range hotels

The Hotel Continental (£105) is very popular, getting a 98% rating from 52 guest reviews. You get comfortable, clean and spacious rooms here, and while it is a little further out of the city centre than others there are also plenty of restaurants nearby, and it is still basically a short walk to all the major Palma sights. Being not quite in the centre apparently means the restaurants are considerably cheaper but just as good, so you might win on the price front both for accommodation and meals.

The Hotel Isla Mallorca and Spa (£90) has an 89% rating from 125 guest reviews. This hotel is spread across two buildings and the rooms vary considerably in terms of size, balcony and other features, so ask carefully for what you want. However, for a reasonable price you’re getting a hotel that is almost a four star place. Previous guests comment on excellent service and a handy location.

Hotel Nixe Palace (£110) gets an 84% rating from 222 guest reviews. This is almost a luxury hotel but is more reasonably priced because of its location – a little way out of the city and not in the most exciting area – but a good compromise if you’re looking for a quality hotel at a lower price. Good food, most rooms have balcony views over the sea and the staff are very helpful.

Palma de Mallorca luxury hotels

The Gran Melia Victoria (£155) has received a 93% rating from 118 guest reviews. The staff offer excellent service and there are beautiful views if you get a seaside balcony. It overlooks the marina and is a 20 minute walk from the centre of Palma, so that’s why it’s a luxury hotel at a reasonable price.

Pool at the Hotel Gran Melia by uggboy

The Santa Clara Urban Hotel and Spa (£255) has a 93% rating from 60 guest reviews. Housed in a beautifully restored old building, but suitably modern inside, it is walking distance to all the main sights of Palma. One useful tip is that there is no parking at the hotel, and driving in the narrow streets close to the hotel is difficult, so if you rent a car for beach day trips ask them about a good place to park a bit further from the hotel. It’s a small hotel so tends to be fully booked in peak seasons.

The Hotel Palacio Casa Galesa (£220) also has a 93% rating, from 44 reviews. Situated in a converted palace, this is also a small hotel with just 12 rooms but it sounds like a delightful place to stay with plenty of attention to detail and quality. It is walking distance to the main Palma sights but many guests report that it still feels quiet and “country like”.

Finally, the Hotel Tres (£200) has a huge 95% rating from 85 reviews. Found in the middle of the historic section of Palma de Mallorca, the Hotel Tres has a reputation for caring staff and a particularly tasty breakfast. There is a popular outside bar area and views over the cathedral from the rooftop terrace.

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