One of London’s best pubs? – The Gunmakers

Farringdon isn’t short of an excellent pub or three. But there is one that stands out for me, above all the rest (and on the whole, the rest are nothing short of brilliant). The Gunmakers, tucked away on Eyre Street Hill is the perfect London pub

It’s all about the real ale here, although you will get a decent class of wine as well. But you won’t get lager on tap, you won’t get quiz machines and you definitely won’t get peanuts in bowls. This is a real boozer, and a great one. The ale is well kept, and the choice changes often. There’s always regular ales, but the selection means that there’s always something new to try. And people do try, you’ll find standing room only on a Friday night, and the rest of the week is pretty busy too.

And then there’s the food. Which could have so easily have gone down the whole gastropub route. But instead of that, it’s just good, simple pub food. Really good, actually. Think whacking great steaks cooked simply and crumbles for afters.

The staff are friendly, the locals love the place, it’s the kind of pub that you can have a beer in on your own, or stay all night if you want to. It’s my favourite pub in the whole of London, and if you’re a real ale drinker, I’m sure you’ll love it here. It’s a local gem in a busy area. And even though it’s not easy for newbies to find, that doesn’t stop the crowd from spilling out onto the street. But it’s just as fun on quiet days, although they’re rare.

The only thing I don’t like? It (like most pubs in the area) doesn’t open on weekends. Which means I just have to cope with the mid-week hangover. It’s worth it.

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