Relaxing in Ai Yianni in Mykonos, Greece

The Greek island of Mykonos is famous for two things: windmills and nightlife.

Mykonos old town

Whereas looking at the mills and strolling through the many winding alleys of Mykonos town, admiring the shops, boutiques and pretty are galleries is not too strenuous a task, unremitting partying can take its toll.

One of Mykonos' oldest windmills

There comes a  day when all you will want is to relax on a beach and recharge batteries. No better place to achieve this than Ai Yianni on the northern side of the island. You will find the ideal place to chill out in the restaurant and beach resort of the Hippie Fish.

Hippie Fish restaurant in Ai Yianni

Built directly on the beach the restaurant invites with outdoor tables and extremely comfortable white sofas, all shaded by a canopy of wine leaves. As the name indicates, the specialty is fresh fish and I enjoyed a filet of salmon in tarragon sauce with mushrooms and vegetables. Don’t be in a rush, every dish is freshly prepared which takes time but the result is well worth the wait.

Filet of salmon from the fersh fish menu

Sun beds under beach umbrellas will be put up for you by the stuff and you just go down a few steps and hit the beach. It’s not very wide but white and powdery and you can swim, sunbath or engage in conversation with the in- siders who know about this place. Many are regulars who come year after year.

The mystical island of Delos is visible just across the water and it’s a sight to behold to watch the sun set over the island in one of the incomparable silver sunsets.

Sunset over the island of Delos

The restaurant also has a good sized pool, showers and changing rooms and a lively disco. So, if after all that relaxation you fell like partying again, listen to the music and dance the night away, sampling a few of their famous cocktails.

DJ in the Hippie Fish's disco

Just make sure you have arranged transport back to your hotel well in advance because, unfortunately, taxis are a rarity on the island of Mykonos.