Taking the Children Skiing in France

The snow has been falling, and people are already making their way to the mountain resorts of France for skiing holidays. Marcus has already written a post with tips for those on a budget but still wanting to go skiing in Chamonix, here I provide some tips for skiing with children in France. Far too many are under the impression that skii slopes and children do not mix. The French Ministry of Tourism now supports a scheme that recognises the efforts some skii resorts make to cater for families with children.

Photo by Fergus O’Reilly

The Famille Plus label now replaces the P’tits montagnards (young mountaineers) charter, and is awarded to those resorts that go out of their way to welcome and provide an extensive range of activities for family skiing in France.

To be awarded the new label a resort might provide a crèche to take care of tiny tots aged 6 months and over and have several flexible packages available for parents, or a ski school for three-year-olds and upwards.

The six commitments are:
1. A friendly, personalised welcome for families
2. Entertainment with visitors of all ages in mind
3. Holiday packages with prices tailored for children and adults
4. Both individual and family-based activities for youngsters and adults
5. Nearby medical facilities in the event of minor illness or injury
6. Supervision and tuition of children by professionally qualified staff

Photo by Andrew Cullen.

Anyone thinking about or planning a trip to France for some skiing this winter, the website France Montagnes is the perfect resource, with information in 14 languages. And search for ‘famille plus’ for those resorts that make an extra effort for their younger guests.

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