Scary places in Europe – Edinburgh

As we celebrate Halloween in the US, it’s all about the candy, parties, kids, and fun. However, many people like the ‘scary’ aspect of Halloween and indulge themselves in haunted houses, ghosts, and the thrills of being frightened.

Photo of Edinburgh castle (Flickr: boreitos)

In Europe, one of the most haunted places for many is Edinburgh.  With its famous castle and  history of the plague and witchcraft, there is a darker, scarier side to Edinburgh than some people may be aware of.

While Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde may have been written about a lawyer in London, the inspiration for Scottish born Robert Louis Stevenson may have come from the city of Edinburgh itself.  For a more real life drama, William Wallace, aka Braveheart, is remembered here in his fight for freedom.  While fictional and non fictional stories are a part of the mystery of Edinburgh, there is also a haunted side as well.

Edinburgh Castle is said to be haunted by quite a few suspicious characters.  While it has been visited by millions, it has also seen its share of scary visitors such as a phantom piper, headless drummer, prisoners of several wars, and even the ghost of a dog.

In the city itself, Edinburgh has a bit of a painful and scary past.  Old vaults under some of the bridges were dark and scary.  When the great fire came, many people were burned alive inside of the vaults.  To this day, many people believe strange and creepy things happen inside these vaults.  Take a tour of them and see for yourself.

Edinburgh has been home to a seedier side of life as well with its share of criminals, characters, and witches.  A number of ghost tours are offered within the city to share the scary, ghoulish stories of real life people on dark side of the streets.  Witches, crimes, and torture are all part of Edinburgh’s history and offer a haunting view of the city many may not know about.

While there are many scary places in Europe, Edinburgh evokes a darker, mysterious, and sometimes, ghostly side to this beautiful capital of Scotland.  Whether it’s the home of author Robert Louis Stevenson with his scary fictional work like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde or the real stories of ghosts and witches, it’s a perfect place to explore the scary, frightening side of European history.

For a fun read about the darker side of Edinburgh, check out Edinburgh’s Dark Side.

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