Why visit Europe?

For many people who love to travel, Europe is one of the top destinations in the world to visit.  However, with so many places to go, why is Europe a top destination?

With the euro, Europe can be one of the most expensive places to visit.  If you are visiting the UK, it is even more expensive with the British pound.  South America, Asia, and Africa are cheaper and offer many more budget options where your money goes further.  It seems that there are many reasons to visit elsewhere.  However, Europe offers many things that appeal to so many people.

Despite the recent travel alert to Europe, many people are still willing to visit Europe for a number of reasons.  For one, it has been the center of some of the greatest battles, empires, and scenes from history than anywhere else on earth.  From the Roman Empire to World War II and everything in between, Europe offers some of the best historical sights anywhere on earth.

For those who can afford to travel, Europe is a great mix of old and new, comfortable yet challenging, fun yet educational.  Europe offers the comforts of the West but with so much history, diversity, and culture, it’s enough to take you out of your comfort zone to visit the many places and sights the continent has to offer.  Not only is Europe fun, it’s a continent loaded with history and offers an opportunity to explore and learn.

Even for Europeans, the mix of cultures and diversity on the continent offer interesting places to explore that are close yet very different from the comforts of home.  From the days of communism to the empire in Italy.  From the German independent states to the rich Scandinavian history.  From British royalty to the proud and once powerful French.  From the smallest countries on earth to recent independence and new nations in Eastern Europe.  Europe offers so much in history, diversity, and culture that you could spend the rest of your life traveling the continent and never learn all there is know about the countries and people that inhabit it.

As part of the history and culture, some of the most famous landmarks, monuments, sights, and museums offer cultural attractions that draw people by the millions each year.  Whether it’s the unique and majestic Eiffel Tower, the somber reflections of Auschwitz, the natural beauty of less known natural wonders like Plitvice Lakes, or the famous museums of Paris, London, and Madrid, Europe has a wealth of attractions that keep them coming every year.

While there is so much of Europe to be explored, it’s good to reflect on why people have such an interest and come back to visit every year.  While there are cheaper, more affordable places to visit, nowhere else can you find the history, culture, and attractions that Europe has to offer.  It’s why millions visit every year, others are proud to call it home, and why many can’t wait to go back.

What are your reasons for visiting Europe?