Stroll Through Koblenz for a Typical German Town Experience

One thing that always strikes me about planning travel in Germany is that there are so many medium-sized towns to explore. Every German city or town is a little different, and visiting some that are not too high on the typical tourist’s agenda can give you a more authentic experience, I think.

Recently we spent a day in Koblenz, a town of around 100,000 people, an ideal Frankfurt day trip, pretty much in the middle of Germany. It’s got a few sightseeing spots like the Deutsches Eck (a park overlooking where the Rhein and Mosel Rivers meet – very pretty), a relatively popular Military Museum, and Koblenz is also full of sculptures and fountains – like this one above, probably my favourite.

But more than ticking the boxes, visiting a European city or town like Koblenz is a way to experience something local. We strolled past the shops – even did a little shopping! – had a great lunch out in the sunshine, complete with some good German beer, and did our fair share of people watching too. I was also desperate to eat a Currywurst – a not particularly healthy German snack consisting of a chopped up sausage, special curry sauce and a piece of bread – and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Considering it was the middle of peak season and other cities we visited were packed full of tourists, Koblenz made a relaxing change.

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