Visiting the Main Square in Pula, Croatia

One of the most pleasant spots you’ll come across when exploring Pula attractions is the ancient core of  the town’s main square. Also known as Forum, this square has been the centre of town activity since the 1st century.

The Forum was an important religious and administrative address during the Roman era. Remnants from the time continue to be the highlight of square even today, drawing in thousands of tourists.

Back then the square housed Roman temples – of particular importance were the twin temples. One was dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva while the other was built in the honour of Augustus. The latter, luckily, continues to command just as much awe as back in the day, as it stands fully preserved.

Another important landmark is the Communal Palace. For years it has been the seat of government, run by the Romans and Venetians, and even by the current regime. As the mayoral seat, it continues to influence the town’s administrative and legislative landscape.

The ancient buildings play the perfect backdrop to the many cafes that line the square. It is also the location for many cultural events and festivities especially during the summer months. You can also go on Karen’s photo and video tour of Pula and read Jason’s Pula – The other side of Croatia.

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