Successful travel blogs - Travel blogging tips

What Defines a Successful Travel Blog?

In preparation for my talk at TBEX Europe on 5 November 2010, I’ve been pondering what defines a successful travel blog. From a personal perspective, I came to the conclusion that it depends on the type of blog (which I covered in my “The Future of the Travel Blog” presentation) and the aims of the blogger e.g. are they travel blogging as a hobby or as a full time job? This makes it almost impossible  to come up with hard and fast travel blogging tips for someone starting or growing their blog.

Successful travel blogs - Travel blogging tips

Me in Florence, Italy

I’m a full time blog editor, so income is an important factor to me.  However I also want to offer quality content to readers.  Interaction is a big part of blogging and being active in social media can bring more traffic to your blog, which then means you can charge more for advertising. I don’t spend ages checking Europe a la Carte’s ranking in various sites but higher ranking can increase traffic.  It would be lovely to win awards for the personal gratification but also for the possible traffic increase.

From a readers perspective, I think that the top answer is likely to be great content which is informative, useful, inspirational and entertaining but interaction on a travel blog also enriches the reader experience.

Below are the results on my Twtpoll on “What Defines a Successful Travel Blog?” in which respondents were asked to rank the six factors in order of importance.  Do you agree with the poll results that content is the most important factor, followed by traffic and interaction?