Napoleon Apartments at the Louvre, Paris

If you are in the French capital for a short time and can’t make it to the Palace of Versailles, one of the best things to do in Paris to get your opulence fix is a visit to the Napoleon apartments at the Louvre.

Located in the museum’s Richelieu wing, these rooms continue to hold the luxury enjoyed (and probably expected) by the Emperor and his council.

It’s impossible to imagine a life lived in the gold and velvet splendor of these quarters. It holds an aura of formality. Even when a comfortable arm chair pops up, it’s accented by ornate lamps and vases.

The furnishings are works of art, carefully carved, polished and upholstered. And then there are the works of art – murals, paintings, vases, sculptures, mirrors, chandeliers and clocks, each more exquisite than the other.

Along with the very lavish public rooms, private rooms are also open to the public. They are smaller, and a little cozier, but look closer and you’ll notice the intricate and impressive antiquities and accents.

Even if you don’t enjoy museum visits, the apartments can be pretty interesting, besides it’s an opportunity for taking some great photos!

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