How to Bike without Getting Hit by a Car in Amsterdam

About a year ago, I wrote about where to bike in Amsterdam.  Cycling is a must-do in Amsterdam because:

  • it’s a one-of-a-kind experience – a bike ride like no other
  • it’s often faster to get around
  • it’s what locals do. Ayou want the real deal,eh?

The thing is, people are always asking me for Amsterdam travel tips on how to get around without being hit by a car.  It’s a valid question – though, I must disclose, I have been hit by a car.  So, please take my Amsterdam cycling tips with a grain of salt.  I actually have just three tips that should help.

  • Confidence Wins: Consider that shy, uneasy driver in the midst of a big city.  Often, they cause a menace to themselves, and the same is true here.  When it says green, GO.  Signal your turn and then turn, don’t hesitate and watch someone come flying around you.
  • Look Both Ways:  Yes, the Dutch drive on the right.  That doesn’t mean everything will come at you from the right.  Look both ways :)
  • Don’t Violate the Rules (unlike the locals):  Locals will go against traffic, will dart in front of trams, and run red lights.  Don’t do this.  It is an art and a science to know what rules can be violated, and what ones will get you run over.  So, don’t do as the Romans do….

Really, biking in Amsterdam is very safe and I wouldn’t worry too much about your trip.  Your biggest threat is getting caught in a downpour.  (Oh, and that reminds me… don’t ride with an umbrella.  It’s just a recipe for disaster…)

Photo Credit: pasotraspaso