St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Some things are worth waiting for. Prague waited about 600 years for St. Vitus Cathedral to be completed.  It was one of those things worth waiting for. The Cathedral is the dominant building in the area surrounding Prague castle and is not only the final resting places of several saints, but also the seat of the Archbishop of Prague.

It shows. The tombs are amazing gilded monuments. The stained glass gives off bursts of color when the sun shines through. It is an impressive display of riches. Along with the sheer beauty, the cathedral gives an impressive historical account of Prague. There is a wealth of knowledge to be had accompanying the different chapels.

Considering the extent of my knowledge of the Czech lands was limited to a medieval history class seven years ago, the information given was a great introduction to the city and the rich history of Bohemia.

Plenty of people argue that Prague is one of the best cathedrals to visit in Europe. I don’t know if I would argue with them too much. Especially after seeing St. Vitus Cathedral.

A couple of tips: one, don’t pay for food or drinks in the area.  While it is a beautiful part of the city, it is also ridiculously expensive compared to other parts of Prague. And two, make sure you go back to the cathedral after nightfall. After fighting the throngs of people during the day, you will have the area to yourself at night. The building is lit up and the Gothic architecture is intimidating. Story-like. Beautiful.

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