Celebrating Oktoberfest – the Hofbrauhaus in Munich

Oktoberfest is one of the biggest celebrations in Germany. While the name can be a bit deceiving, Oktoberfest actually happens in late September.  And if you have ever been to Germany during this festival, it is a beer lover’s dream!  The Hofbrauhaus brewery has one of the largest tents at the Oktoberfest, where only its own beer is served.

Hofbrauhaus am Platz  Munich from bongo vongo‘s photostream

In Munich, the brewery has a long standing history, owned by the government, it is popular with locals and tourists alike.  Hofbrauhaus am Platz a great place to enjoy some of Germany’s best beers while taking in the local atmosphere.  While many other pubs and bars in Germany are more traditional, there is something about the Hofbrauhaus that makes this place worth visiting.

For one, it’s incredibly big.  With huge tables, entertainment, and a restaurant, the Hofbrauhaus is big enough for locals and tourists alike.  There are even tables reserved for regular guests at various hours throughout the week and month.  Visiting the Hofbrauhaus is an experience in itself as it goes back many years in German history.

The first idea for a Hofbrauhaus goes back to the late 16th century under the Duke of Bavaria, Wilhelm V.  In 1592, a master brewer was hired and the first “brown” Hofbrauhaus started at the Alter hof.  A brown ale was the only thing served back then.  Since that time, beers evolved and the Hofbrauhaus has been part of the beer evolution for over 400 years.

The Hofbrauhaus has had a long history in Munich and it’s not without controversy.  In 1920, Hitler declared the 25 theses of the National Socialist program (which later became the Nazi party) here at the Hofbrauhaus.  History even records some of the first attacks on Jews here at the Hofbrauhaus.

Fortunately, the Hofbrauhaus has many more pleasant memories in its history.  It’s 400 year history marks the evolution of beer in Germany and it is the center of many great moments in German history.  Whether history was being made or being discussed, the Hofbrauhaus is a long standing tradition of German beer and a part of the culture.

While many people enjoy the atmosphere, beers, and celebration that is Oktoberfest, the Hofbrauhaus is a German institution that deserves a visit.  Enjoy a beer, meet some locals, and enjoy a piece of tradition in Germany.  The Hofbrauhaus has recently opened breweries in other cities like Bremen, Hamburg, and similar sites all over the world.

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