Visiting Cologne Cathedral

A European city which has been on my “must return to” list for many years is the German city of Koeln, or Cologne. I first visited Cologne as a fourteen-year-old and was blown away by the Cologne Cathedral or Koelner Dom – growing up in Australia, I had never seen such an impressive building and it remained very clear in my memory.

That’s why on my recent trip to Germany, I was keen to make a day trip to Cologne when I realised we’d be staying nearby. It’s a great city for an afternoon of wandering – by chance we parked across the river from the cathedral so we had a great walk across the bridge over the Rhine. Next to the railway tracks across the bridge, the fence is adorned by many thousands of padlocks, put their by couples to bring luck to their relationship – it’s a colourful site and it’s interesting to see the trouble and expense some couples have gone to.
It’s easy to find the Cologne Cathedral because it towers over the rest of the city, yet once we reached it I felt a little disappointed – perhaps my fourteen-year-old self had just imagined it was bigger than it was. But no, my mistake, we were only standing at the side entrance of the cathedral – once we got around the front it was definitely as impressive as I had it in my memory.

Strolling the pedestrian zone nearby was a fine way to finish off our afternoon. There are many other interesting Cologne attractions, in particular the Roman-Germanic Museum, but my day was finished with a cultural “Currywurst” (curry sausage) snack instead.

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