Great Eats in Stockholm – Hötorgshallen Market

I walk a lot when I travel. I pick out church spires on the skyline and I walk to them. Instead of waiting at a bus stop I walk along the bus line.  I don’t believe there is a better way to see a city than to walk it.  Even living in Stockholm, I walked almost everywhere.  There were parts of the subway line I never explored, simply because I could walk it.

All that walking made me hungry though, and finding a quick bite to eat that was also portable in Stockholm isn’t always easy.  Often times it feels like the only options are the same old fast food joints or a kebab.  And while I love kebabs (and the occasional fast food joint for that matter), it’s nice to have a change.

Stockholm Food Markets - Hötorgshallen

by: johanloman

That’s what makes Hötorgshallen so great. This centrally located Stockholm food market offers all kinds of delicious, and portable, food options.  There’s even a dry fruit stand that offers samples. Something I was always willing to take them up on.

Along with the dried fruit, you’ll be inundated with cheese, chocolate, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.  You can find food from various corners of the world.  Turkey. Japan. Mexico.  Sweden.  It’s almost overwhelming.  And it’s definitely worth it.

Stockholm Food Markets - Hötorgshallen

by: Nenyaki

Unfortunately, Hötorgshallen has limited hours on the weekend.  The market is actually closed on Sundays and only open from 10-16 on Saturdays (for a full listing of opening hours click here).  Despite the limited hours, try to plan a stop at this Stockholm food market next time you’re in the Swedish capital.

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