In search of Autumn sun in Europe

Andrew Hunter of TripHunter gives us four European destination suggestions for chasing some warm sunshine in September and October.

“The days are getting shorter in the UK and as we reluctantly pack away the barbecue and mankini for another year and ask ourselves “Do I really have to wait nearly a year before I get some sun?” No you don’t.  Here are my tips for Autumn sun in Europe.


Autumn Sun in Europe

Gozo, Malta

Malta is far enough south in the Mediterranean to enjoy prolonged summer warmth. In fact, it’s on approximately the same latitude as Tangiers and Tunis, and enjoys the same type of climate well into the Autumn months. Easily accessible from the UK, Malta is a surprisingly biodiverse island with sandy beaches and rolling green hills, punctuated with honey-coloured limestone buildings give Malta it’s unique profile. Only 2.5 hours away from the UK, Malta is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Autumn sun seekers.

San Sebastian, Spain

Autumn Sun in Europe

San Sebastian, Spain

A surfers and cyclists paradise with temperatures keeping their head above 20°C well into October. The people are friendly, the bars and restaurants still vibrant in the evenings and the ocean swell begins to kick up at this time of year making it even more appealing to surfers and boogie boarders.

Santorini, Greece

Autumn Sun in Europe

The Greek island of Santorini

Be sure to book your hotel in advance if you plan to visit this Greek island during September festivities Santorini, Greece.  Captain Nemo from “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” once called Santorini “the mysterious island” and this observation remains true even today. Truly spectacular volcanoes, beautiful beaches (check out Perissa, Vlihada and Red Beach) and outstanding, if not pricey, hotels. You can expect the weather in Santorini in October/November to be a dry 25°C+ with most evenings still warm enough to wear a t-shirt. I honestly can’t remember the last time I wore a t-shirt on an English October evening.

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Autumn Sun in Europe

Lago Martiánez, en Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife by Robert

For predictable warmth, Tenerife is hard to beat. With only 6 degrees C difference between the average high and average low, you know you’re in for sunny days and balmy evenings. Only 3.5 hours flight away from the UK, Tenerife is accessible from almost every commercial airport in the UK and is serviced by a variety of different airlines.

So fear not, fellow Vitamin-D junkie, there’s sun to be found in Europe after Summer has deserted UK shores. You just have to know where to look!”