Croatia in Autumn – Best Time to Visit?

Autumn, or Jensen, as it is known here, is my favourite time to travel around Croatia. I find everything, right from the colours and sights to the service better during this quieter period.

1. Cool and Red

The temperatures are known to soar during late July and August. It’s perfect if you mean to flop on a beach through your stay, but if you are planning on some sightseeing, it can get really hot and uncomfortable. Autumn on the other hand is just perfect. The heat has been watered down, and the bitter winter winds are still a few months away. The temperatures are in the low 20s and the leaves are red.

2. No More Summer Crowds

During the summer months thousand of visitors make their way to Croatia. As a result highways, hotels and beaches are permanently clogged. This makes for a pretty great party atmosphere, but if you are anything like me, you may prefer some peace and quiet and the chance to explore the place at your own pace. Come September, the crowds begin to filter out and this makes the country a whole lot roomier.

3. Cost Effective

Like most popular tourist destinations, prices along the Croatian coast tend to inflate during the peak season. At times the prices are plain ridiculous. But post September many establishments return to more acceptable off-season prices. I also find the service during this time is much better as compared to that offered by hassled, disinterested summer hires. The other thing to consider is accommodation. During the summer months, the best deals get snapped up beforehand, and in winter, many hotels and boarding facilities shut for the season. This makes autumn the best time to score a good deal without stress.

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