Eating cheaply in Seville

When visiting Seville, eating out can be a chew up a large part of your travel budget.  Whether you eat tapas or enjoy a nice restaurant, the cost of food can add up quickly. Here are my tips for cheap eats in Seville, so you’ll have more money to spend on Seville attractions such as the Alcazar, the Cathedral, the Bascilica de la Macarena, the Barrio Santa Cruz, and Flamenco dancing.

This isn’t to say eating cheaply means eating poorly.  You can find some healthy meals while enjoying unique, local experiences in Spain when you are traveling.  Eating cheaply means going where many tourists aren’t going.  Eating cheaply can mean sharing a few tapas and making it a meal rather than going to a restaurant.  While there are many options out there, here are a few places to find some cheap meals, and great experiences.

Seville University (Credit: Ronan Crowley)

The local university – While in Seville, take a walk around the university.  Universities and colleges are fascinating places to explore and see what life is like for young people.  While wandering through the university, we stumbled upon a cafe filled with university students grabbing a bite between classes.  We decided to try it out and had a couple of chicken sandwiches and a drink for less than 10 euros.  More importantly, it was fascinating to watch the students interact and just enjoy being college students.

El Corte Ingles – Seville (Credit: Metro Centric)

Department stores – In many countries, big chain department stores, like El Corte Ingles,  often have grocery stores on one of the floors.  Wandering through the aisles to see all the foods that Spanish people eat is quite an experience – some are familiar while others are quite foreign.  Buying bread, meat, fruits, and vegetables can be a great way to sample Spanish food, see how the locals eat, stock up for a picnic, and save money.  Not only can you get a cheap meal but you can also buy plenty of healthy snacks to help you save money as well.

Cheap meal – Chinese food in Spain (Credit: Jeremy Branham)

Cheap restaurants – Not all restaurants are expensive.  Wandering through certain neighborhoods, you can check out the menus and what the daily specials are to see what they have to offer.  While wandering near the Cathedral, we stopped at a local Chinese restaurant and had fried rice, an egg roll, chicken with almonds, a drink, and a dessert for 6.50 Euro.  Not only was it a cheap meal, it was good as well.  We were the only ones in the restaurant and it was a great experience to hear Chinese people speaking Spanish.

Enjoy some of the great restaurants and food that this Andalusian city has to offer.  However, if you want to save money,  you can take my Seville budget travel tips.

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