Chocolaterie Pierre, Tallinn

Of all the places that I visited in Tallinn on my recent trip to Estonia, Chocolaterie Pierre (just off Vene), has stolen my heart and it’ll probably remain with them until I can make hot chocolate as perfect as it was here. I would WALK across Europe for another one. Actually, I’d rather they gave me the recipe at the end, that’s a heck of a walk. But it’s honestly the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted. And it just so happens that the rest of the cafe it pretty wonderful too.

If this cafe existed in London, it would be a horrible victim of it’s own success. It would be packed, queues would be out the door, and you’d never get any hot chocolate. Here, it’s easy. Quite enough to nab a table (albeit one with a broken chair bottom) but busy enough to catch snippets of conversation. You see, it’s very dark, and dark makes people whisper, and whispering makes you think everyone is having much more interesting conversations than you. Everything is red, extravagant, velvet, falling apart, vintage, old, fancy. Beautiful. All those things, and more. Like somewhere that has grown for years and years and more pretty things have been added over time.

If the pretty cafe wasn’t enough, there’s the courtyard. The downside with this is if it’s warm enough to sit outside, you’re not going to want hot chocolate. And if you don’t have hot chocolate you’re really doing it wrong. But, they have a quartet playing under a tiny little bandstand so that’s a really nice touch.

So why is the hot chocolate so good? Well I’m pretty sure there’s no milk in for a start. It’s basically melted chocolate, cream and rum. With a mix of raisins and chilli which all sink to the bottom and a gooey pile of tastiness. This is not a speedy drink. You could sit for ages drinking the same drink, and eating Sachertorte. The cakes are excellent too. You’ll pay about £5-7 for a drink and some cake. Not cheap, granted. But worth every single of your pennies. I told you, I’d walk back for the recipe.

The only thing not so great? The chocolates they sell. They’re super expensive, and I was really disappointed when I got home and found that they weren’t that nice at all. Not unpleasant, just no where near as good as the hot chocolate. But, you live and learn. Come, drink the hot chocolate, have a nose around and leave very very happy.

And make sure you don’t go on a Sunday. Like most cafes in Tallinn, they’re closed then. Shame, because we’d have loved to treat ourselves just one more time before leaving. If you’re in Tallinn, you really shouldn’t leave without coming here.

I’d recommend eating at the Old Hansa Restaurant, a drink at Gloria’s Wine Bar and staying at Merchant’s House Hotel for an altogether wonderful Tallinn experience.

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