Stradun – The Heart of Dubrovnik

If you don’t have too much time to spend in Dubrovnik, the city’s main street, Stradun, is where you hit the ground running to start your Dubrovnik sightseeing. The street runs from the Pile Gate to the Ploce Gate and is lined with Dubrovnik attractions, atmosphere and activity:

The Large Onofrio Fountain – The large Onofrio fountain is located very close to the Pile Gate. It was constructed in 1438 to source water for the city from the Dubrovacka River located 12km over. This is a great place to enjoy street artists and to catch a breath.

The Stairway to the Walls – The Pile Gate is also where you can begin your tour of the ramparts.  One set of stairs begin right opposite the fountain; the tickets for the wall tour are available at the tourist office, located on the other side of the fountain.

The Stepping Stone – While sitting at the fountain you’ll see a number of tourists jumping onto a small stone jutting from the monastery wall, or trying to. The challenge is to get there without support. Given the stone isn’t wide enough, this can be a very entertaining spot.

Franciscan Monastery – The Franciscan Monastery is one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe. It  has been filling up prescription since 1317. You can learn more about the time at the pharmacy museum inside.

The Sponza Palace – The Sponza Palace was once the local mint. Today it doubles up as a city archive and exhibition hall. Of particular interest is the Memorial Room of the Dubrovnik Defenders, in memory of soldiers who lost their lives during the war.

The Bell Tower – The bell tower closes or frames out one end of Stradun. It is located between the Ploce Gate and the St. Blaise Church. Be sure to catch the two green bronze structures, the Dubrovnik twins, ringing the bell every hour.

Orlando’s Column– Orlando’s Column on the Luza Square was put in place in the 15th century as a symbol of the kingdom’s independence. Back then it was the point of public gatherings, today it is a focal meeting point in the city.

St. Blaise Church – At the edge of the street is the St. Blaise Church. It was built in honour of the patron saint, and he can be found standing over the church and in the church. The stained glass windows, the newest addition to the church, are worth seeing post sundown.

The other attractions on Stradun are the fancy cafes and boutiques. However, it is important to keep in mind that these establishments can pack quite a punch on the wallet.

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