Places to stay near Red Square in Moscow

At the heart of Moscow, this famous square is surrounded by top Moscow attractions. You may wish to look at places to stay near Red Square, especially if you’re only in Moscow for a short time.

Starting at one end of Red Square is the fascinating St Basil’s Cathedral (pictured), a place you’ll want to photograph heavily from both inside and out. Standing on Red Square, if you turn to the right you’ll be staring straight at the jagged red walls of the Kremlin, a place that so often ends up on the nightly news. Visiting the Kremlin and its many cathedrals and other buildings is well worth it.

Lenin’s Mausoleum is in front of the Kremlin wall, and there are long queues on the days when it opens up to let people solemnly walk (quite quickly) past the embalmed body of Lenin – it’s an interesting experience but probably not a must. Keep turning and you’ll see the State History Museum which is another really interesting place to visit.

And finally, with one more turn to the right, you’ll be looking straight at the GUM department store. These days it is full of very expensive shops so the sightseeing is quite different to the communist era, but it’s worth a walk through and there are usually cheap ice creams to be had in the mall!

Places to stay near Red Square

Moscow is renowned as having pretty expensive accommodation. I researched hotels close to Red Square that had good customer satisfaction ratings.  One of the cheapest places is the Bascilica Hostel, renovated in June 2010.  There are beds in dorms or twin and double rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities.  The three star D Hotel, built in 2009, is a good mid range choice.  If you’re looking for high end accommodation the five star Savoy Moscow Hotel gets high guest ratings but doesn’t look as pricey as some other five star options.

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