Shopping in Grožnjan, Croatia

Grožnjan is one of my favourite stops in Croatia, particularly in the warm months, when the artists are at work. The town is best seen ducking in and out of studios and galleries, and shopping is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Grozhjan..

My tips for Groznjan shopping.

Jewellery – There are a number of jewellery workshops and studios around Grožnjan that specialize in both contemporary and traditional jewellery. Depending on the materials used and the designs, these pieces could set you back by anything between 50 Kuna to well over 500 Kuna. Don’t buy the first piece you see. Considering how small Grožnjan is, first take a tour of the place, walk into other jewellery stores and once you’ve seen them all and compared prices and styles, pick the one(s) that works for you the best.

Art – A number of artists spend their summers in Grožnjan, and a number of art studios double up as galleries. There is a great mix of styles available in Grožnjan, from local landscape to naive art and even innovative media. Since entry is free, go ahead and visit as many as you can. Walk in, watch the artists at work, browse through an impressive collection and if  one catches your fancy, help the artist put a little red dot next to it.

Wine – Along with a number of wine bars there are also a number of little boutiques and stores where you can purchase the finest Istrian wines. Istria is known as Croatia’s wine country and prides itself for the quality of wines produced. Treat yourself to a bottle, and if you are looking for a special souvenir, these make for great gifts too.

Souvenirs – Instead of spending your time and money at the tacky souvenir stalls in the bigger towns, consider purchasing unique handcrafted souvenirs at some of the local studios in Grožnjan. For one, these souvenirs are authentic made-in-Croatia-items, for another you’ll be helping out a local artist.

For a closer look at Grožnjan, take a look at Karen’s video here.