Dubrovnik Attractions – The Rector’s Palace

Considered by many as one of the best places to visit in Europe, Dubrovnik is always packed; there is a steady stream of tourists and activities all year round. When you add the crazy prices of Dubrovnik to this equation it becomes impossible (rather impractical) to visit every museum and local landmarks in the city. But there are a few you shouldn’t miss out on. The wall walk is one, and the Rector’s Palace is another; it is also my Europe travel tip of the week.

The exterior facade of the Palace is a work of art in itself. Intricately carved figures hold up pillars and trims and run across the length of the building. The Rector’s Palace was the official seat of power in the old republic of Ragusa – it housed the ruling Rector through his reign; the Rector was not to leave the Palace except on urgent matters involving the welfare of the republic. The Rector’s term was also limited in order to curb corruption.

Inside the Palace opens up into a central courtyard. Rooms run all around the ground level and on the upper floor. The atrium is a popular choice for music concerts during the summer months; it is one of the main venues during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

The upper floor doubles up as a cultural history museum. The rooms are furnished with articles from the old kingdom and also hold artworks created by Venetian and Dalmatian masters. The rooms are luxurious and detailed. There’s also an exhibit on official republic regalia complete with coins, seals, flags and other official documentation from the period.

Along with the history exhibits, the Rector’s Palace also houses a photography exhibit. The photos on display are from the homeland war and document the destruction and damage Dubrovnik had to suffer.

Have you visited the Rector’s Palace in Dubrovnik? What did you think of the exhibits?

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