Go West: Cabo da Roca, Portugal

Portugal is one of my favourite European countries; it has such wonderful food, stunning beaches, cities full of culture.  It also has some incredible countryside.  But did you know that Europe’s westernmost point (well, one of several disputed westernmost points) can be found here?  It’s called Cabo da Roca, or Cape Roca.  And it’s beautiful.  See for yourself:

Cabo da Roca is the perfect daytrip from Lisbon; actually, if you’re driving and going to see my suggested daytrip from Lisbon, Sintra, then my Europe travel tip is to  come a little further to visit the coast.

At the end of the road, as you would expect, there is a (somewhat touristy) lighthouse.  It is a picture-postcard perfect place, for sure.

If you have a car, I’d spend some time exploring the coast; Guincho is a popular beach with great views of Cabo da Roca, though other options exist, such as points in and around the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park – which runs basically from Sintra to the coast.  I’m sure there are endless places to find the perfect spot for sunset.

Other places that also call themselves westernly points in Europe include Land’s End (England), Cape Finisterre (Spain), Finistère (France), and then of course the non-continental points in the Azores.

Photo by geolauco, ceiling, Nelson D