What’s New at the Louvre in 2010

The Louvre Museum is almost certainly the most well-known of all the World’s museums, it is the most visited museum in the world and definitely one of the largest. The Museum ‘owns’ over 35 000 objects that range from prehistory to the nineteenth century. The Louvre started out as a fort in the twelfth century – remains of which can still be seen today. It then became a Royal Palace, but in 1682 when Louis XIV chose the Palace of Versailles as his residence the Louvre was used to display the royal collections, which included a collection of antique sculptures.

Some of these early sculptures today make up the Classical Greek collection. And it is the Greek displays in the Louvre that at the beginning of July were re-opened to the public after extensive renovation and redesign.

With the opening in 1989 of the Pyramid, and the use of the Pyramid as the new entrance, the flow of visitors into and around the museum changed quite dramatically. In particular it was the displays of Greek objects that were effected the most. For the last few years then, this impressive collection of vases, jewellery, sculpture and various architectural features such as the Caryatids from the Parthenon, has been reorganised into new displays that lead the visitor through a more ordered collection that ends with one of the most famous of all sculptures in the Museum’s collection of Greek art, and that is the Venus de Milo.

For anyone with an interest in the art of the Ancient Greek and Hellenic cultures, the Louvre with its new displays of Greek art is one of the best places to visit in Europe, outside of Greece itself. You could also take Sian’s Europe travel tip and visit Cafe Marly at the edge of the Louvre courtyard.

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