My favourite London Local: The Greenwich Union

The Greenwich district in London is a massive tourist destination. Whether you’re going to the market, the Painted Hall and Chapel or the Observatory there’s a wealth of places for you to grab something to eat when you’re in need of a break. But none of them measure up to the Greenwich Union. It’s my local and my favourite pub in London.

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The pub is located on Royal Hill, one of the nicest streets in Greenwich. There’s gorgeous houses, little gardens and a lovely row of independent good shops (do stop off at The Cheese Board on your way to the pub). It’s a beautiful part of Greenwich and off the main touristy area.

And then you get to the pub (it’s the second one of the two, although I bet you still walk into the Richard I first). There’s a little beer garden outside, but the one at the back is nicer, so make sure you check if there’s seats out there first. The pub is the flagship pub for the indy Meantime ale, so you will get a decent pint here. Don’t come in looking for Carling. You will not find that here. You’ll find interesting beer. Organic ales. Really decent drinks.

Perch on one of the wooden tables, reading the papers, or if you’re lucky, sink into one of the comfy leather chairs. Although if you find yourself in one of those, don’t expect to leave any time soon. There’s a conservatory, which seems to be reserved for diners (this is an unspoken rule, you can eat anywhere you like) and the beer garden is lovely. Just big enough so you’re not cramped on a table with strangers.

Now, that food. Do try some. The chef is fantastic and they take pride in their food here. The Sunday roast is a little too fancy for me (when it comes to roasts, I just want lots of tasty food on a plate, I don’t care so much if it looks pretty). But their food is fantastic. Make sure you try the homemade chips and fish fingers. And, everything actually. I’ve never had a bad meal here.

This pub is why I love Greenwich. It’s friendly, it’s fun, but it’s a little posh too. This is a fancy pub, that’s relaxed enough to get away with it. The only downside? They kick out on the dot. If you’re only just got a pint in, you’ll have to drink up quickly. But I don’t care, they also serve tea and coffee, and they have free wi-fi. This place is practically perfect in every way.

The Greenwich Union is on Royal Hill (walk to the clock tower). The nearest station is Greenwich overland/DLR but if you can, do get the boat. That’s always fun.  I’m also a fan of Oliver’s Jazz Bar in Greenwich.

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