Olympia Park – A top Munich attraction

Home to the world renowned brand of BMW cars, there are lots of Munich attractions to satiate the “travel” buds of tourists. Amongst all of them, the Olympia Park stands out because of its sheer grandeur and is therefore my travel tip for Munich.

Constructed for the 1972 Olympic Games, the Olympia Park consists of the Olympic Tower, Olympic Stadium, Olympic Sports Facilities and the Olympic Park. The park is situated very close to the BMW Museum, at a walkable distance from the Olympic centrum bahn station. There is also a P+R at the same spot.

The Olympia park has now become a venue for all kinds of cultural, social and regional events – the details of which are available on the official site. Entry in the park is free of cost, but in order to climb the Olympic Tower and the Olympic Stadium you need a ticket. The tower is priced at an affordable €4.50 – the views from the top are incredible. The stadium has an entry price of €2.

Once you reach the top of the Olympic Tower, the city of Munich lies before your eyes, with the minutest details. The “green Olympics” concept has been incorporated very well into the design of the park and you can appreciate this more from the top.

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