The Castles of Luxembourg: A photo tour

Luxembourg may be one of Europe’s smallest municipalities, but that doesn’t mean there is a shortage of things to do. Fellow Europe a la Carte blogger Amanda Kendle has mentioned the highlight of Esch-sur-Sure Castle in the Luxembourgian countryside, but did you know there are over 30 castles in the country?  That’s a rough figure as I wasn’t able to find a complete list, but if we use that as a guide, and given that Luxembourg is only 1000 square miles in size (Wikipedia), that means that on average, you’ll bump into another Luxembourg castle on a pretty regular basis.  Here are my tips for a few castles you might want to check out on your next Luxembourg sightseeing hop.

Esch-sur-Sure Castle

Esch-sur-Sure Castle

by jack_of_hearts_398

Septfontaines Castle

by wfbakker2

Chateau Clervaux

by eisenheim

Beaufort Castle

by gorik

Chateau Bourscheid

by Michael Osmenda

Luxembourg City Castle

by Miles Barger

There’s are plenty of things to do Luxembourg city and it’s home to the ING Europe Marathon which takes places in late May or early June.

Do you have a favourite Luxembourg Castle?