Madurodam – The Netherlands in Miniature


You can drive north to south through The Netherlands, one of the most densely populated countries in the world, in 3 hours. Its a small but extremely beautiful country, filled with architectural marvels such as the Cube Houses in Rotterdam. So here is my Europe travel tip for seeing all of this beauty in under 3 hours – all at one place – without having to drive.

miniature keukenhof

Madurodam comes into the picture here. A miniature city, located in Scheveningen, The Hague includes almost all the wonderful Dutch landmarks worth visiting – albeit on a miniature scale of 1:25. Officially inaugurated on 2 July, 1952 Madurodam was initially built as a war monument.

Miniature Euromast

The entrance ticket is priced at €14.50 and comes with a booklet that enumerates the 200 plus models in the park, describing them in detail. It is sheer fun seeing the miniature cheese markets, the NS trains – public transport system in NL, the Rotterdam zoo and even the mini tulips in Keukenhof!!

Why not plan to visit this attraction when you’re in The Hague?