Shopping in Dubrovnik: Jewellery Stores

Dubrovnik offers a variety of experiences and memories such as walking the town walls and shopping at the Dubrovnik Morning Market. However the small lanes of the old town manage to fit in century old establishments, footballs games and restaurants with outdoor seating, and all comfortably.

It is on these back lanes that you’ll find the many tiny jewellery boutiques of Dubrovnik.

First there’s the familiar window display – strings of coral and pearl, silver earrings with filigree work and coral drops, chunky blocks of turquoise strung together with crooked corals, all dangling together against the window. Inside, depending on the store the setting varies – from the cold and clinical designer boutique to the chaotic but warm family establishment.

The jewellery is handcrafted in backdoor workshops or in roomier ones beyond the gates of the old town. Many jewellers have been in the business for decades, taking over from their parents and grandparents. On offer are traditional necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, buttons and broaches. And the prices range from 250 Kuna upwards depending on the piece and the materials used.

I stepped into one such family run establishment on a street parallel to Stradun. The cases on the wall held traditional jewellery designs, or designs inspired by traditional Croatian designs along with ageing authentic pieces. The originals, of course were not for sale. These were family heirlooms to be enjoyed at a distance. They however did make a good reference point to compare the new designs with the old. I ended up with two sets of silver earrings, each with coral drops. The filigree work on them is breathtaking as are the coral drops – a day well spent.

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