Historic route of Monte Carlo Rally, Tronåsen, Norway

I only discovered a  couple of days ago that Monte Carlo Rally had, in the past, started in Norway. Now I know :-). From 1931 and for several years after, the rally started in Stavanger, in south west in Norway. After some 120 kilometers the rally reached the hill of Tronåsen, which soon became a dreaded part of the race.

The road up Tronåsen is narrow and steep, creeping up in one hairpin bend after another. When it was built it used to be part of the main road between Stavanger and Oslo. Today it is open only in summer, mostly used by tourists.

We visited TronÃ¥sen the other day, in two cars as there were too many of us to fit in one. My husband drove one of the cars, I drove the other. The roads up are the steepest slopes that I’ve ever  driven up, and my husband didn’t feel sure that I would make it. Of course, as soon as I knew that, nothing could stop me :-) So while I drove, my heart beating fast, I had two teenage girls hanging out of the car windows with their cameras, dividing their time between cheering the mother chauffeur and shooting scenic photos.

To reach Tronåsen today, you can fly to Stavanger, take the train to Flekkefjord and there rent a car. Or drive from Stavanger in the southwest or Kristiansand in the south. Along the way there are a lot of possibilities for scenic detours.

More photos here, quite amazing (Norwegian text)