Frankfurt’s Museum for Modern Art looks worth visiting

I’m afraid to say that my usual opinion about the German city of Frankfurt is that it’s a place you can’t really avoid if you’re flying in to Germany from outside Europe, but beyond that there’s nothing too special about it. That’s why I was surprised the other day to see that a touring art exhibition here in Australia derived from a Frankfurt gallery – and once I looked into it I discovered the Museum fuer Moderne Kunst (MMK) or Museum for Modern Art in Frankfurt is a pretty impressive place to see some famous art.

by oop_oh

The MMK is pretty young as far as art galleries go – it only opened in 1991 – but has already gained a strong international reputation and has the advantage of being built in a modern building that looks equally as attractive as the art it holds. Its collection includes artwork from the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein, as well as making sure it exhibits work from local Frankfurt artists. All in all, it looks like a particularly interesting gallery to spend the afternoon in.

Check the MMK website for details on opening times; it costs 8 Euros per adult for entry but if you are lucky enough to be in Frankfurt on the last Saturday of the month, then entry is free.

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