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Five Things to do in Korčula, Croatia

Last week I wrote about the walls of Korčula. This week we venture inside; walk along the lanes, explore the squares and climb the towers of this tiny town. There’s a fair bit to see and experience here – from cultural performances to historic sites. This is what makes Korčula a top European destination in my book.

The St. Mark's portal

1. Visit the Cathedral

For a town this size Korčula has its fair share of churches. But the most impressive and important of these is the St. Mark’s Cathedral (Cathedral Sveti Marko). It towers over the main square and above the town – its bell tower can be seen from a fair distance. But the real treasures are inside in the form of renaissance art and ancient manuscripts.

2. Step into the Town Museum

The Town Museum is located on the main square, right opposite the St. Mark’s Cathedral. In this 16th century renaissance palace you’ll find the history of the town told through ancient relics, artworks and hand carved stone sculptures.

A poster of the Moreška dancers

3. Catch a Dance Performance
Korčula is known for its traditional Moreška sword dance. The dance tells an ancient story of a battle between two armies (the red king’s and the black king’s) over a beautiful girl. If you are in town long enough catch a weekly performance. Tickets and show information are available at the tourist office.

4. Visit Marco Polo’s Home
Legend says that the renowned explorer Marco Polo was born here in 1252. And he is everywhere in town. From Marco Polo shops and souvenirs to restaurants that claimed Marco Polo and his family ate there. The home he was born in has been converted into a museum and is open to the public. If nothing else, visit for the great views it offers.

One of the many jewellery stores in town

5. Buy some jewellery
This region of Croatia offers a great variety of silver and coral jewellery. Other popular semi-precocious stones like turquoise and jade are also available but if you are looking for something authentic opt for a traditional designs.

Have you been to Korčula? What did you think of the sights on offer and which one did you enjoy the most?

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