Diana Memorial Fountain, Hyde Park, London

The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park is a popular London attraction. I’m not sure that I’d describe it as a fountain, it’s more like a very solid oval channel, which at first sight looks as if it’s constructed from concrete, when in fact it’s made of Cornish granite. It lies on a slight slope with water flowing in two directions from the top over various contours such as steps, pebble shapes and wavy raised patterns, towards a pool at the bottom.  You are allowed to sit at the edge of the fountain and dip your feet in the cooling stream but you shouldn’t walk on the fountain.

My tip would be to visit the Diana Memorial Fountain soon after opening at 10am or later in the evening when it’s not so busy.  I was there on a Saturday evening in mid June 2010 around 7pm.  You should check the closing time as it varies by season.

I think that the Diana Memorial Fountain would have been more attractive if a pink granite had been used instead of grey granite, which makes the memorial look more like a large utilitarian concrete drainage channel in places.

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