The Croatian walled town of Korčula

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the walls of Dubrovnik. But Dubrovnik is not the only Croatian walled town in this part of the Adriatic. You can experience the same setting, but on a smaller scale in ‘Little Dubrovnik’ – Korcula.

Korčula Town is the centre of the island of Korčula and is encircled within walls. These walls of Korčula are my travel tip for the week.

When seen from the above, the walls and the city within form a fish bone – a herring bone, to be precise. Go ahead look at a map, the resemblance is uncanny. These town walls were constructed around the thirteenth century by the ruling Venetians. A significant part of the fortification, particularly on the eastern end, continues to stand in its original avatar.

The wall system is punctuated by stocky watch towers along the corners. There are eight towers in total, overlooking the sea. They date from the 15th century onwards. Today a couple of the towers – including the Veliki Revelin Tower are open to visitors (doubling as museums and heritage exhibits); some stand in ruin, some are under construction, and one hosts a terrace cafe.

End the day at the cafes and restaurants along the wall. Grab a table against the wall, and watch the sea – the boats and cruises coming in and out of the harbour, and the little boys fishing with bits of string.

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