Enjoy peace and quiet in the Austrian alpine village of Pinswang

When visiting Austria, many people head to the great cities of Vienna and Salzburg to enjoy the history, Mozart, and the sound of music.  However, getting away from the big cities will let you see a different side of Austria – the peaceful, quiet countryside surrounded by the Alps.

Pinswang is a small Alpine village located in the northwest region of the Tirol. It’s located next to the Bavaria region in Germany and is a great stopping point on your way to Munich or Neuschwanstein.  While many people may never even think of stopping to visit, it’s a great place to stop, slow down, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

The village of Pinswang is very small with only a few hundred residents. It’s located in an Alpine  valley between Reutte and Füssen as the Alps serve as the backdrop for its serene beauty. Pinswang is divided into Oberpinswang and Unterpinswang and contains the village government, school, and church.

Pinswang is a outdoor lover’s dream. There are some great places to hike as there are trails leading you though the mountains where you can just enjoy the beauty of this area. There are a couple of inns for people to stay and you can even enjoy bike rides along the roads and just explore the area.

Visit the St Ulrich’s church and walk around in the cemetery. Enjoy the Lech river near Pinswang as well as numerous other lakes in the area. Check out nearby Reutte or make Pinswang a base for exploring nearby cities in Germany.

If you want a chance to slow down and enjoy a quieter side of Austria, My Europe travel tip is to visit the lovely Austrian alpine village of Pinswang. There’s not a lot to see but there is still plenty to do. Enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, relaxing, or exploring in and around Pinswang. So slow down, relax, and enjoy some of the quiet beauty that Austria has to offer.