Brighton Up Your Day: Seven reasons to go right now

This week, with not very much planning, I jumped on a train from London to Brighton for the day. I didn’t get an advance ticket (although you pick up returns for as little as a fiver if you’re into planning rather than spontaneity) and paid £17 for a day return. And it was worth every single penny. Here are seven excellent reasons why you should jump on a train immediately (seriously, have you seen the sunshine?)

Flickr image from Neilhooting‘s photostream.

1. It takes less than an hour from London Bridge. Seriously, in 57 minutes, you’ll be at the beach. It can take that long to cross London, and trust me, this journey is much more fun.

2. The Lanes is the perfect place for strolling. The Lanes is the cutest little area. Like Camden Passage in London, but on a larger scale. Lots of little tiny streets filled with cute little shops and cafes. They sprawl over a huge area and it’s easy to get lost, but that’s half the fun.

3. Brighton Pier never ever gets dull. Go and play on the penny falls, have a go on the fairground right at the end. Eat candy floss. Be a child!

4. Is there anything better than fish and chips on the beach? Especially when they’re only an hour away from noisy London.

5. Brighton’s live music scene is fantastic. There’s something going on on most pubs, so just wander about until you see something that looks interesting. There’s some great clubs, and a vibrant gay scene.

6. It’s friendly here. In fact (although I have it on good authority that the locals hate people saying this), it doesn’t feel that different from London. Just with added beach.

7. Brighton Pavilion and gardens are so very pretty. And they look a little bit like the Taj Mahal. In Brighton. Which is rather amusing.

Trains to Brighton run from Victoria, King’s Cross, Gatwick and London Bridge. So why not take my tip for a London day trip. You really have no reason not to go.