ING Europe Marathon, Luxembourg

During our trip to Luxembourg in May 2010, we had the pleasure of witnessing the ING Europe Marathon one of the best sporting events in Europe for runners. This was in fact my first Marathon, so the excitement level was significant! Preparations in the city were top notch with free shuttle services from various destinations for the runners as well as the spectators and so we reached the city center in time for the start of the marathon.

The entire Luxembourg city center was barricaded and we could see the police on a constant vigil. Spectators from round the world had gathered to cheer for their favorite contestants. The atmosphere was electrifying, the participants were ready and thus started the marathon at 6.00 pm!

42 kms of run, one marathon, thousands of participants and live bands providing the requisite motivation with their vibrant tunes- this was the Europe marathon!! Cheerfully applauding for the runners and chanting go-buddy-go, we enjoyed every moment.

Here are some tips from earlier Europe a la Carte posts for running enthusiasts. Kimberly suggested that the 4 km Fun Run at the Rome Marathon is a less strenuous option for casual runners.  Renato highlighted a running event for every month of the year in his guest post “A Year Running Around Europe“.