Old wooden hotels in Norway – Røisheim


All along western Norway you find quite a few old, old treasures, the old wooden hotels. Many of then are originally from a period long forgotten (or almost forgotten?) when British and other European travellers came to Norway to climb in the mountains, to hike in the nature.  These travellers were used to a certain style, and it didn’t take the owners of the guesthouses along their road long to adapt to the style required.

The old farm Røisheim is one of these places, filled to the brim with an old fashioned charm from days gone, at the same time all the needs of a modern traveller are catered for.  Staying at such an establishment is my Europe travel tip if you’re visiting Norway.

Every night the huge matklokke at Røisheim chimes when dinner is served. Dinner at Røisheim, a 5 course meal which must have been prepared by the elves, the main elf being Fru Ingrid, who reigns in the kitchen today.

Every course served is a pure piece of art, in appearance, in taste, in an atmosphere which is found in very few places. If the old plates could tell their stories, if the walls could show glimpses from days way back in time…….. Well, when you eat your meal at Røisheim the rooms do tell their stories. Open your eyes and your ears, see, listen, and you will be surprised what you’ll learn.

Every bedroom at the old farm is different. The one we were given had this lovely bed, and it had a wooden bath tub inside the bedroom. Make sure you have time to fill the tub, before dinner, before breakfast the next morning. And enjoy your time!

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