J’adore Montpellier

Looking for somewhere new to go in France?  I’d like to suggest another little-known spot: Montpellier. It’s a University town that has fabulous high speed train access to all of the major railway hubs, including Paris and Barcelona.  Here are a few tips on things to do in Montpellier:

by Wolfgant Staudt

  • Architecture:  There’s both modern and old world architecture to be explored.  Place de la Comédie is home to a grand opera theatre, one of the most beautiful in France for sure.  But step back in time with some of the Roman ruins you’ll find here; don’t miss the miniature Arc de Triomphe (when I say miniature, I mean smaller than the one in Rome – it’s still pretty big), as well as the Roman Aqueduct that supplied the town with water when it was a Roman fortification.
  • Food:  It does without say, but you’re in France – so the food is amazing.  This is the Languedoc Roussillon region, a huge producer of wine – they say more wine is made here every year than in the entire country of Australia.  If you visit in summer (which is a great time to come, by the way), you’ll notice a lot of the wine is chilled, including the red.  This wasn’t the first time I’d had a chilled red – this is also something that happens in Australia.  It’s very refreshing and not as gross/weird as it sounds.  Remember red wine should typically be served at cellar temperatures, and it can be pretty hot around here in summer.
  • Shop:  Whether you want some fresh French fashion, or just ready to gorge yourself on more food (chocolates, anyone?), Rue de la Loge is where it’s at.

Another tip is that if you do visit this French city, explore further afield – there are lots of other lovely towns such as Nimes, only 30 miles away famous for Roman architecture and denim.

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