A Collection of Street Art in Berlin

I don’t do well with graffiti. The history nerd in me comes out and I end up being shocked that someone could deface such a beautiful building. Wall. Bridge. Of course, the more I travel, the more I have learned to differentiate between graffiti, and forms of artistic expression.

Traveling through Berlin, the East Side Gallery is usually included as an interesting historical, and artistic, European travel tip. And with good reason. But the street art of Berlin is not relegated solely to the wall. Throughout the city, buildings, walls, bridges, are alive with artistry.  They are some of the Berlin attractions that give you a real feel of the place.

There are the murals that can be found while wandering down side streets and back alleys.

There are the pieces created using a stencil.

And of course there is the East Side Gallery. Some of the art on the wall has become an iconic symbol of the oppressive conditions before the wall fell.

But my favorite was a simple phrase: “The only people who know how cool I am are the secret police!” I don’t know how old it is.  And it doesn’t really matter.  Considering the history of this European city, I found it to be a simple historical reminder, mixed with a bit of humor.  And I just couldn’t help but smile.

What do you think? Do you appreciate the street art you see in European cities? Or do you abhor the graffiti that some people refer to ass street art? At Europe a la Carte we seem to be fans, Karen enjoyed the street art in Pisa, Italy and Heather highlighted some great street art around Europe.

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