Walking along the walls in Dubrovnik

I made my way to Dubrovnik earlier this month. It was my first visit to Croatia’s most popular tourist destination, I was excited, and a little weary – hyped up destinations have a way disappointing. As it turned out there was no such let down.

Photo - Nilay Puntambekar

Being early May, the weather was unsteady. The forecast promised rain but at the time the sky was clear. There was only one major point on my agenda: take on the walls and ramparts of Dubrovnik before the weather turned.

About the walls – Dubrovnik’s walls are about 25 meters high and along with the four corner forts encircle the city’s old core. Construction of these walls began in the 13th century but was only completed around the 16th century. During the summer, the walls are accessible from 8:00am to 6:30pm for a fee of 70 Kuna. The tour begins from inside the Pile Gate, right opposite the Onofrio fountain and takes you up along the edge of the stone fortification.

Photo - Nilay Puntambekar

Why take the walk – The walk throws up spectacular views of the city and the sea. It displays the town’s most popular street – Stradun as well as all its churches and landmarks in one glorious sweep. In addition to popular sights, a walk along the walls also throws up forgotten ruins as well as glimpses of regular life in a spot otherwise filled with tourists – locals go about tending to their gardens, attending school, fixing rooftops even as tourists stop and watch. For history and trivia buffs it is worth opting for the audio guide on offer (40 Kuna).

Photo - Nilay Puntambekar

Best time to go – The entire walk can be wrapped up in an hour at the earliest, but you have the option of taking it as easy as you like. It is best to go early during the day or the second half of the afternoon, when the sun isn’t as harsh. While the walk is exhaustive, there are a number of breaks and halts (complete with ice cream and coffee) along the way where you can catch your breath. Don’t discard your tickets as you may be required to produce them at several points along the route.

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