Tempting Parisian confectionery at A la Mere de Famille

35 rue du Faubourg Monmartre. A street that’s a little off centre, more than a little off the beaten track, and stumbled upon only by accident. And home to A le mere de Famille, Paris’ oldest and most famous confectioners.

The shop is gorgeous. Filled to the bursting with sweet treats like the candied fruits above. They have a huge amount of (very creamy) chocolate, but the rest of their wares are just as tasty.

The packing might be simple, but it’s elegant and perfect. Detail is important in this shop. And so is interior design for that matter.

Such pretty fixtures. Think classic French and old curiousity shop elegance (as only the French could do so well).

It’s like Willy Wonka chocolate factory! Only real, and a bit more expensive.

Isn’t it pretty? Everything just so. Unfortunately there are no samples – probably to stop pesky people like me buzzing around the counter like an annoying tourist.

Not a huge sweetie fan? There’s lots of jams and jellies to choose from as well.

A bar of chocolate will set you back around €4, and there are some great bargains if you’re willing to look around. The shop is geared up for tourists (although I’m sure that wasn’t the case back in 1761) but everything you buy here will be tasty. A la mere de Famille is an institution and just strolling through back streets from the Pompidou will lead you here. It’s a beautiful shop and you should definitely pop your head through the door. Bet you don’t come out empty handed.

There’s also the temptation of delicious Parisian pastries as described by Andy, can it really be true that French women don’t get fat with all these goodies on offer?

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