New Robin Hood movie premieres in Robin Hood month in Nottingham

May 2010 is Robin Hood month in his home town of Nottingham in England.  This is to coincide with the simultaneous gala screening of the Ridley Scott Robin Hood movie on 12 May at the Cannes Film Festival and in Nottingham. The new movie stars are Russell Crowe (who’ll feature on Australian stamps as Robin Hood) and Cate Blanchett and the movie goes on general release two days later on 14 May .

I was in Nottingham for the launch of Robin Hood month over the May Bank Holiday weekend, 1 – 3 May 2010. I attended the Knights of Nottingham Robin Hood Jousting Event which was a fantastic live show.

Robin Hood’s team including Friar Tuck and Little John slugged it out with the Sheriff of Nottingham’s team.

Robin Hood Jousting Show at Nottingham Castle

The Sheriff of Nottingham’s jousting team

There was an exhibition of costumes and props from the Robin Hood movie in Nottingham Castle,.

Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle

I was lucky enough to meet Nottingham Castle’s official Robin Hood, Tim Pollard during my visit to Nottingham.

Robin Hood and me at Nottingham Castle

Robin Hood and me at Nottingham Castle

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