Explore Nottingham’s history at the City of Caves & Galleries of Justice

Nottingham, in the East Midlands of England, is best known as the home town of the folk hero Robin Hood.  You can explore the city’s history in a fun, interactive way on performance led tours at the Nottingham attractions of the City of Caves and the Galleries of Justice.

Old Market Square Nottingham

Old Market Square Nottingham

The City of Caves is a warren of man made caves beneath a modern shopping centre which has been used since Anglo Saxon times by local inhabitants. Sections of the caves now portray life during specific periods.  There’s the medieval Tannery where one of workers describes the process and conditions of work.  It’s a bit like something from the Horrible Histories series.

Nottingham City of Caves Tannery

The Tannery at the City of Caves

Another section is the interior of an WW2 air raid shelter where the warden talks about life during this period.

City of Caves Nottingham

Air Raid Warden at City of Caves

It’s only a five minute walk to the Galleries of Justice, the city’s former court house and jail.

Robin Hood at Galleries of Justice Nottingham

Robin Hood model in entrance to Galleries of Justice

The Sheriff of Nottingham told us about his mission to capture Robin Hood.

Galleries of Justice Museum Nottingham

The Sheriff of Nottingham at the Galleries of Justice

Then it was down to the cells where a warden explained what life was like for prisoners.

Gallows at Galleries of Justice Nottingham

If you want to visit both of these Nottingham attractions, you can buy joint admission tickets. You are advised to contact the venues to check on tour times prior to your visit.

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