Five Fun Barcelona Fiestas

Barcelona is world renowned as the location of several major colourful and exciting annual fiestas or festivals.   These major tourist events are spread out throughout the year making it very practical to arrange a holiday or short trip to coincide with one of these events that can add enormously to a visitors enjoyment of this already enticing city.

1 Fiesta Major de Gracia

Fiesta Major de Gracia by anapeps

Taking place in mid August this is a seven-day fiesta that brings the Barcelona streets to life in particular the neighbourhood known as Gracia where you can party the night away to fireworks, a feast of live music and a considerable amount of local wine.

2. La Diada de Sant Jordi

La Diada de Sant Joridi by Vilanaia i la Geltru

More commonly known in Britain as St. George’ day, this celebration takes place on April 23 and has an atmosphere which is very similar in style to Valentine’s Day. It is a celebration of love, and the city’s streets are filled with endless stalls selling roses and many other flowers.  There is also a strong literary angle to the festivities with an emphasis on Cervantes and Shakespeare who both died on the very same day.  The festival also focuses on two literary giants, namely Shakespeare and Cervantes, who both died on the same day. Many book fairs, book readings, street plays and competitions take place on this day, while street performers and musicians put on performances for the public.

3 Festes de la Merce

Festes de la Merce by arquera

An annual festival that revolves around the patron saint of the city is the Festes de la Merce . The fun begins on September 22 and always is very competitive including a procession of wooden giants and of course the world-famous human tower contest. The occasion also includes a large amount of dancing and live music as well as wine and is always topped off with a massive firework display.

4 La Diada

La Diada by prof john

The 11th of September is La Diada otherwise known Catalonia’s National Day. The creation of this holiday was one of the first actions of the reinstated Catalonian Government in 1980,  commemorating the 1714 Siege of Barcelona during the War of Spanish Succession.

5 The Eve of Sant Joan’s Festival

Eve of Sant Joan fireworks by Kyllercg

This fiesta takes every June 23rd as a celebration of the summer solstice. It features bonfires spread out across the city as well as a huge amount coca de Sant Joan baked by the locals and has always culminates in a massive firework display.

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