Greenwich Food Market, London

Everyone talks about how fantastic London’s Borough Market is, and whilst that’s true, there’s another London food market south of the river well worth a mention. Greenwich Food Market might be smaller, but it certainly is perfectly formed. And it’s growing too. If you’re looking for culinary treats in London, Greenwich offer another great London food market option.

The cake stand in the centre is the most popular stand. People flock here for their yummy sweet treats. And it’s easy to see why. I want cherry bakewell cupcakes!

A trip to the food market wouldn’t be complete without buying some flavoured coffee. They’ll grind it for you there too.

The churros in Greenwich are very special. There’s not dipping sauce (you can’t dip and walk at the same time!) so they use a funny contraption to fill them with dulce de leche or chocolate sauce. You’ll love them. And won’t care one little bit that you’ve got sauce on your shoes.

Greenwich food market

The Spanish and Portuguese food in the market is excellent, and if you get there late afternoon on a Sunday, everything is half price.

Greenwich food market

Still hungry? Just stroll around, buying little snacks, whatever catches your eye. Organic sausages, sushi, Turkish food. Things you’ve never seen or heard of before. Vegetarians are catered for and there’s some new stands at the entrance of the market that are really great.

Greenwich food market

Still hungry? Pop over to Blackheath Farmers market on a Saturday (in the station carpark) and you can get loads of yummy food there as well. Walk through the park and you might burn off some of those churros calories too.

Greenwich Food Market runs from Thursday to Sunday in Greenwich Indoor Market. Make sure you get to this London attraction before 5pm for all of the best stuff.  When you’re in Greenwich you can also visit the Royal Observatory and the Painted Hall and Chapel at the Old Royal Naval College.

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