Kinderdijk – Historical Dutch windmills

How about witnessing a panoramic view of 19 historical windmills (windmolen) at one place? Built in the seventeenth century, Kinderdijk is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Holland – a must visit spot for anyone interested in original old Dutch windmills. Amanda has written about her visit to Kinderdijk.

Declared as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997, Kinderdijk lies in the east of  the European city of Rotterdam and its name in Dutch means a “Child’s Dike”. Since many parts of  Holland lie below the sea level,  dikes play an important role in preventing floods and utilising the water efficiently.

Kinderdijk can be reached easily via public transport from most of the major cities in Holland. Here are my Europe travel tips for the best ways to enjoy this windmill park:

  • Take a boat cruise from Rotterdam, along the Nieuwe Maas river. While checking out the pleasant river, occasional cargo traffic and the neighborhood , the cruise offers a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into the Dutch culture. The cruise takes one hour one way, with a halt of another 60 minutes at the windmill park.
  • While in Kinderdijk, rent a bike and get started. There are dedicated cycle paths along the windmills making the experience one of a lifetime.
  • Opt for a canal cruise within Kinderdijk. Starting from the central parking lot, this gives a unique view of the windmills.
  • Lastly, check out the windmills designated as the “Visitor’s Windmill” (Bezoek molen) . This offers a peek into the working of the old windmills. The entry  is €3.50 and its open until 5 pm in the peak season.